What is Web Hosting Service


As we have understood the importance of domain name in my last post, it’s time now to proceed to the next step of hosting your website. You need to have space if you want to have an online presence. You want to own a website but don’t know how to do that? You have brought the domain, now why isn’t your website still on the internet? What the real problem is ? The solution to your problem is web hosting services. Web hosting companies provides space to an individual or an organization to present their website or personal blogs in front of the people on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Without being complex it can be understood in other words that a website is a digital identity. It is utmost important to buy web host based according to the requirements. No one would like to waste their money over Web Hosting Service which isn’t perfect for their website.

Considering loads of web hosting companies available online, though when it comes to choose the best web hosting plan is kind of complicated thing. It depends on your bandwidth requirement, space desired, Uptime and most of all on how much you are willing to spend.

How would you choose the best web hosting plan?

Choosing best web hosting plan depends on your bandwidth requirement, space desired, Up-timing and most of all on how much you are willing to spend. To buy best web hosting plan you should follow these simple 6 steps:

  • Start With A Budget In Your Brain :

Start Planning everything like what kind of website/blog are you looking for. Is it personal or commercial website/blog? How much bandwidth you require and how much data you need to store in it? How many email accounts you want? Coz adding some more email accounts and space will cost you more.

  • Space Requirements :

If you need small space and you don’t expect many visitors on your blog/website, then go for shared hosting. If you are looking for a large commercial setup, then choose either VPS hosting or dedicated server. This will cost you some extra bucks. However you won’t be getting unlimited space in dedicated hosting so if you are planning for a content uploading website then you should not go for dedicated hosting plans.

  • Secure Hosting Plan :

If you are concerned about security of your website, then go for a much secure web hosting. Choose a host which provides you SSL certificates, data protection and backup facilities. If you are running a website which requires users to login, then better go for security certificates. Most of the popular websites on the internet use the HTTPS to provide better security to its users.

  • Free Hosting is NOT Advisable :

People usually ask why they shouldn’t use free hosting plans? i will tell you the reason for not choosing a free hosting plan. Never go for a free hosting unless you are not worried about your website. Free hosting will not only have an adverse effect on your website, it is also not very much secure. It is a bad idea to go for free hosting because it can have an adverse effect on rating of your website. It is also not good because most of the vital features are absent in free hosting services.

  • What is Up-time ?

Uptime means a lot if your website is related to commercial product, money transaction or needs to be up every time. You need to buy web host which guarantees you 100% uptime. Your website is your digital identity and if it is down that mean no money, no customer and no business.

  • SEO, SMO and Internet Marketing :

For marketing people a good web host is quite necessary, because with a good web host you will easily get listing in search engines and you will get more visitors. It is also helpful as good hosts are fast and search engine prefer fast responsive websites.

Apart from these things, always go for a hosting company which provides you a good tech support and supports CMS (Content Management Script), frameworks and Blogging systems that you may want in your hosting plan. Most of the blogging websites run on WordPress blogging system and in a good host you can directly install CMS very easily.

Some of the most popular web hosting companies are Hostgator.com, bluehost.com, inmotion hosting, dreamhost, justhost etc. for suggestions to take a look how they work and what are they offering to take as a consideration. Wish you Luck !!