Important Changes to the Referral Program

Empire Kred


Thank you for being part of the Empire Avenue Referral Program. We have made some changes to the Referral program as we have learned from our first group of Referrers and Referrals!

1. New versus Existing Accounts

We are placing Referrals into two groups going forward. If someone uses your Referral Link and creates a new account, we will give a commission which is higher than normal. This commission will start at 15%. In this kind of New Account/Sign Up Referral, you will be the Referrer so long as both you and they are members of Empire Avenue. A New Account /Sign Up Referral may not switch their Referrer and following a new Referral link will result in no change.

For those Referrals who are existing Empire Avenue members and not already Referred as above, then you will be given a starting commission of 8% and the Referral will…

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How to Improve Search Engine Visibility

HTML format to improve search engine visibility

html format

Search Engine Ranking depends upon several factors that enhances website’s visibility amongst leading search engines, the process of fine tuning website according to the algorithm is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In order to acquire optimum results each webpage should meet certain criteria that boost its chances to increase online visibility of website. Hence, the HTML format is utmost essential in the development of any webpage as the rich snippet will claim excellent visibility of that specific website for targeted results.

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List of Top Free Blogging Platforms for Newbies & Pro Bloggers

free blogging platforms

Blogging is the wide frame exercise for those who believes in information and rich content rather than promotional activities stuffed through SEO based keywords in order to rank their webpage in the search engines. This merely looks exciting for short run but for the long run it might cause penalty to the leading search engines and gives adverse effects to your efforts made. This article will focus on the blogging platforms available for the enthusiast bloggers since we have already understood the meaning and importance of domain name for any blog or website.

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What is Web Hosting Service


As we have understood the importance of domain name in my last post, it’s time now to proceed to the next step of hosting your website. You need to have space if you want to have an online presence. You want to own a website but don’t know how to do that? You have brought the domain, now why isn’t your website still on the internet? What the real problem is ? The solution to your problem is web hosting services. Web hosting companies provides space to an individual or an organization to present their website or personal blogs in front of the people on the World Wide Web (WWW). Continue reading

How to Choose a Great Domain Name?


Domain name is an online identity for any business, brand or an individual. This is the reason why this topic is hyped by the internet gurus. choosing a good domain name involves in the foundation step to success of any business website or a blog. Visitors will recognize your business with your website domain name only. Also, domain name is the primary step to impress for your business or website and always remember, giving a best first impression is a must for convince the visitor to return back to your blog. Continue reading